The Coaching Offer / Y Daith Hyfforddi

We all experience times when we need support to enable us to move forwards, to realise our dreams or just be content. Change doesn’t have to be slow and painful – I will help you discover the resources and sources of strength that you already possess, so that you can cope more easily with life’s demands and twists and turns …and even enjoy the ride!

My approach is an integrated one

 I am interested in how and why we learn and change; how we grow and what stops us – what are the barriers to our growth? .
I use different techniques to suit you including NLP. 

Neuro – Neurology – the mind and how our thoughts affects us.
Linguistics – the impact of the language we use.
Programming – how we sequence our thoughts and actions – our patterns.

You will learn techniques that give you the tools to develop emotional intelligence and resilience.
  • Coaching is outcomes orientated. You will notice results immediately – there will be positive, lasing change. 
  • It is practical. It focuses on understanding the present and creating your future. It does not analyse the past to get results.
  • We work together in a coaching partnership – it can be enjoyable and fun.

Coaching is not counselling. We don’t need to analyse the past to bring about changes that will enable you to live life with more ease and joy.
You will take an active role in, and responsibility for, your growth and for achieving your goals.


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