Welcome / Croeso

Hello, I’m Alyson, a life-coach based in South Wales. 

Helo, Alyson ydw i, ac rwy’n hyfforddwr-bywyd yn Ne Cymru.

Are you …? / A ydych chi?

  • Worried stressed, anxious or feeling overwhelmed 
  • Struggling with a life/work balance
  • Feeling stuck – in your personal life or career
  • Trying to give up unhelpful or unhealthy habits 
  • Struggling with addiction
  • Going through some sort of transition
  • Having relationship difficulties – spouses, colleagues, children…

Do you …? 

  • Want to discover purpose or a direction in life
  • Feel that you are not achieving your potential
  • Have phobias or fears that are affecting your life
  • Struggle with shyness and isolation
  • Want to be more confident  

Coaching helps you create positive and lasting changes in your life and I will work with you to help you become clear, motivated, happier, more relaxed and resilient. 

Mae hyfforddi yn eich helpu i wneud newidiadau cadarnhaol a pharhaus yn eich bywyd, a byddaf yn gweithio gyda chi i’ch helpu i fod yn glir eich meddwl, yn frwdfrydig, yn hapusach, ac yn fwy hamddenol a chydnerth.

Alyson  offered me a new perspective on an issue that had been troubling me. Her approach is considered  – never judging,  she simply guided and encouraged me to find my own way forward. Following my meeting with her I had more clarity in my mind, an improved sense of direction and certainly a spring in my step! Joanna

I went to Alyson because I knew I needed clarity of purpose and focus for the next stage of my working life.  But you can’t make confident decisions about your future when your thought process and your energy are bogged down by emotional baggage and bad habits.  Alyson’s approach cleared this fog.  I saw many things more clearly and began to get more benefit out of other aspects of my self-care regime.  I now have an exciting career plan; more positive energy and my family relationships are transformed. 

I strongly recommend Alyson to anyone who wants to let go of tiresome old ways of thinking and feeling, and to move forward in life with more lightness and purpose. Mary

I am a qualified NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) coach and practitioner; I use Hypnosis and Time-Line Therapy ™

I have a PhD, MA, BSc and PGCE and a wealth of experience in different roles – professional and personal:

  • Ten years of project management experience
  • Teacher and trainer in lifelong learning
  • Research and consultancy
  • Community and development work 
  • Mother and grandmother

I specialise in helping people who are struggling with alcohol related issues, themselves or family member.

I offer coaching in Welsh or bilingually.

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